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Elena M. PAVEL
Wyoming City Council

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Get involved. The world is run by those who show up.

by Adrian S. Petrescu, Ph.D., J.D., M.Sc.

Ohio has been a great place for me and my daughter. I only got to work and learn there—in Toledo, to be more precise—for one year a while ago, but I met there amazing people and had great students and colleagues, and I cherish those memories that helped us a lot on our journey ahead from then, through Texas and back to Pennsylvania and via Belgium and Germany and back here now to Nebraska. We were very lucky to get to know Elena, Radu, and Radu Jr. in Toledo Ohio and to stay friends and take inspiration from their family and their journey ever since. 

Local elected office is at the very core of American values and democracy. We have a Ninth and Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution for good reason. 

We like to keep citizens’ power as close to the citizen as possible in these United States. We all like to know our elected officials personally and thus to be able to ask them openly that they represent us fully in important daily decisions of our local government, from community and neighborhood level up. Elected officials better all stay truthful to their promises and listen to us once in office. 

This is what makes our country great. Elected officials who are simply people like us. Folks who listen to us and who care for us and hear us and work for us. To make neighborhoods and communities better places by helping to create new opportunity and chances at growth for everyone.  

If you live in Wyoming Ohio or know someone who knows someone who does, or you know someone in the Cincinnati Ohio area who wants to help support a worthy grassroots campaign, please support the candidature of my dear friend, Dr. (Economics) Elena M. Pavel, for Wyoming City Council, Independent. 

I’ve known Elena M. Pavel for 18 years and she’s always been a fighter for growth and opportunities in her community, and particularly for making great things to do and learn available to our youth so that they grow and they help grow our country as far as it can possibly go. Her determination, innovation and perseverance are an inspiration to us all. 

Here’s my virtual yard sign. Indeed: please _help grow Wyoming OH and the US itself together_ with Elena M Pavel.

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Wyoming, OH 45215

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